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Although the company was originally devoted to the production of wine, Brugarol has since branched out into the promotion of heritage in terms of culture, architecture, landscape and gastronomy. All the brand’s products are linked by their authenticity. There is an absence of adornment and marketing. Exquisiteness, silence and contemplation are the distinguishing features.


The strategy is inspired by the wine cellar built by RCR Architects, where corroded iron and earth are an essential part of the building. The wine bottle caps were made from a tube of corroded iron for red wine and stainless steel for white wine. To reflect the idea of aging and each bottle being unique, the aged red wines have an iron cap. And to express the idea of young, fresh white wines, stainless steel was chosen for the caps of the Malvasia white wines.
Both bottles are presented bare, without labels. As an original idea from the property and RCR’s Team, the only identifying feature is the serigraphy on the metal cap. Recycling also forms part of the brand’s strategy.

collateral elements

Brugarol created a Welcome Pack to draw together the whole group’s offering of accommodation, gastronomy, products and heritage. To develop the group’s philosophy of expansion, a package was created to compile the offering and cultural activities on a yearly basis.