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Despite its modest, intimate format, the Costa Brava Jazz Festival is one of the veterans of the Catalan summer music festival scene.

Every year, we make a graphic proposal highly focussed on the expressiveness of JAZZ. The proposal for this year’s Festival is the first to create a collage from the artists’ photographic images, as a way of expressing improvisation and rhythm.

This year, we have worked with the graphic base of the 2018 Festival, adding the marvellous compositional play given by the Julien typeface by Peter Bil’ak. The interaction between this polyform typeface and the collage generates a universe that is as diversely complex as the musical genre it represents.

You will see below some of the posters for previous festivals where we have consistently given priority to the poster’s iconic, expressive value, over and above the images of the artists performing in each Festival.

2018 Edition

2017 Edition

2016 Edition