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Once again, the Bisbal Ceramic Museum produces a folder in the form of a catalog that collects the legacy of the four exhibitions of the season. Each catalog maintains the same format and structure but the peculiarity is that it includes three moments from the exhibition; its installation, the cataloging itself and the inauguration. As it is not an inaugural catalog, its presentation becomes a second inaugural act during which the catalog itself is presented and serves the artist to calmly and closely teach his work to visitors.


For the 2019-2020 season, the Terracotta Museum launched a competition to create the catalog cover by creating a ceramic tile for the Bisbal ceramic school. The result was a piece made of black ceramic that represents a river carp made by the student Saray Aleman. The cover was made of dry-engraved brown cardboard that reproduces the ceramic tile. The folder includes the catalogs of the exhibitions as they are produced. Four in total. For this, a traditional hand-sewn binding is combined with an omega staple that allows the collection of the different catalogs of the season. The folder, which includes a real reproduction of the tile, is closed with a red rubber that adds a great visual impact.